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Oscar Ureña

Hello. This is Downbrook Outfits

We were born and raised in a country that filled us with values and love for Life: Costa Rica. This place taught us that its borders were like Great Open Doors to the Infinity where anything is possible. Years later while living in the US and going through new experiences, way more confirmation came that our Dreams and Goals have no barriers at all.

A few years later we moved to Europe and are now living in a country so little in territory, but at the same time so powerful and huge in beauty, located at the center of Europe: Switzerland. The fact of being surrounded in this continent by Fashion Capitals plus all the experiences received by traveling throughout all of them, this came to be the cornerstone of this Flame of Creativity and wish to start our way with Downbrook Outfits.

This is a name created to be synonymous of Quality, Comfort and Style; a vision that takes us to renew the commitment of Fashion made 100% in Europe.

One day while visiting a typical scene of the Swiss Alps and over 3’000 m above sea level, we were contemplating a little crystal clear brook running down a hill, surrounded by a fresh forest. Right there we got a sense of freedom, a new conviction that there is no limit to Dreams and nothing strong enough to stop our eyes from being able to see beyond that horizon.

We are pleased to welcome you into our world, a world where you can be and enjoy the new Era of Fashion.



Founder & Chief Designer

I’m a simple man, a lover of Life and good Taste. And I was born with a Dream.
A Dream to dress people with Simplicity and Great Style.
My Dream comes true every day as people from all walks of Life, people from all around the Globe find pleasure in my Designs and dress the Downbrook way.



Co-Founder & Operations Management

I consider myself a person who loves to enjoy life to the fullest.

Through life’s experiences and my job in Children Education, i have learned to appreciate life just like children do with simplicity and hope.

I find pleasure in all the small great things. Being a part of this Adventure with a new perspective to dress people, gives me a reason to fall in love with this new stage.

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